Port Elizabeth’s dancing Ivanah impresses US actor Will Smith

by FariedaJune 11, 2019

Nine million.

That is how many people have watched a Port Elizabeth child’s dancing video after Hollywood heavyweights Jada Pinkett-Smith and hubby Will Smith reposted a video to Instagram of the little girl busting a move in the street.

The video of six-year-old dancing sensation Ivanah Campbell jiving to Paga A Bebida Da Bela by DjBBoy has been shared by other verified Instagrammers such as the Nigerian Afropop singer and songwriter Yemi Alade, and by Okay Africa, a digital media platform dedicated to African culture, music and politics.

Pinkett-Smith was delighted to come across the little girl, captioning her post: “This girl has life figured out! I’m bout to go find me some traffic right now … and dance that part!”

Ivanah went from having 12,000 followers on Instagram on Saturday morning to well over 140,000 on Monday afternoon.

Her unbridled energy and confidence quickly swept across the internet.

Asked to comment earlier in the day on the online frenzy around Ivanah, her aunt, Tania Mejanie, said they were unable to comment as the family was in talks about the possibility of a deal.

She declined to elaborate.

In an interview published in The Herald’s sister newspaper, the Weekend Post, on Saturday, Ivanah said she was mostly self-taught and often copied routines to her favourite songs.

Smith and Pinkett-Smith’s posts garnered a huge response, with people from across the globe tagging friends so they, too, could watch Ivanah dance.

One social media user said: “Her facial expressions are everything.”Another wrote: “I don’t think I can love this enough.”

Source: https://www.heraldlive.co.za/news/2019-06-10-port-elizabeths-dancing-ivanah-impresses-us-actor-will-smith/


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