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July 24, 2019

Zimbabwe raises fuel prices again

Zimbabwe hiked fuel prices on Monday for the second time in a week but most pumps remained dry, with no end in sight to shortages that are helping drive inflation rapidly higher and which have led to protests about the cost of living.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority said a litre of petrol would now cost 7.45 Zimbabwe dollars, up 22% from 6.10 dollars. Diesel now costs 7.19 a litre, a 23% rise.

With inflation soaring, economic analysts say increases in fuel prices are adding to price pressures, especially as rolling electricity cuts are forcing businesses to use expensive diesel generators to power their operations.

Diesel and petrol prices have gone up [...]

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June 27, 2019

Uganda vs Zimbabwe: Knowledge Musona’s miss of the millennium

The Africa Cup of Nations 2019 is in full swing. And with football comes comedy football and you won’t see anything more horrendous than this today. Well, we hope not…

Against Uganda, with the scores at 1-1, Knowledge Musona from Zimbabwe did something rather awful. The poor guy. The Warriors lost their opening match and were up against a Ugandan side who snuck a win over Congo DR and topped Group A in the process.

So, a win was far more important than a draw. And, when a chance presents itself, you have to take it.

But Zim’s captain had a rough night out.

Musona hit the crossbar from five yards out and with an open goal in front of him. Seriously. It was [...]

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June 12, 2019

‘It’s Time Africa Had Its Own Harvard.’ Inside a University Training African Leaders to Solve African Problems

With its modernist buildings, spacious grounds and airy cafeteria packed with young adults slinging backpacks while scrolling through their Instagram feeds, the African Leadership University on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius looks much like any other college campus. Except, perhaps, when it comes to the library. Here you will find no silent temple to books and knowledge; in fact, the university’s Pure Learning Library has no books at all. Instead there’s a cacophonous din of competing ideas, as students convene in animated groups around communal tables, shouting out solutions while feverishly diagramming them on the whiteboards that panel the walls. “We aren’t really encouraged [...]

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June 7, 2019

Outpost Africa Tourism Group launches Zambezi cruise

Outpost Africa Tourism Group has launched a new sunset cruise product with an additional offer of early-morning sunrise cruises on the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

MD, Andrew Lane says the high-quality product has luxury facilities and friendly service at the most affordable rates.

“The boat is a double-deck, 40-seater, although we are only catering for 25 guests for priority spacing and comfort on board,” says Lane. “During the sunset cruise, homemade snacks and a variety of drinks and cocktails are served, while on the breakfast cruise we offer a continental breakfast that includes teas and coffees, fresh muffins, croissants, fruits and fresh [...]

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