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Morningside Primary School was established in 1928. It was formerly known as North Ridge Road Government School and changed its name in 1952. On 1 February 1928, the headmaster Mr E.H. Wade and two other teachers, Miss Torrance and Mr Nel welcomed fifty-six pupils to the school to teach from class 1 to standard six. In March 1928, Miss Gibson was appointed to take charge of the Infants.

The school inspector of the time Mr Winterton writes in the school log book, “The contrast between the disorder of the grounds and their surroundings, and the ordered beauty of the classrooms was very great. Outside the Durban Municipality is displacing the earth in all directions: there is no apparent plan, inside the school, confusion ceases and a soul is born.” In January 1929, the school opened with 88 children on the roll. Today the school provides the same quality education to five hundred and fifty-six pupils with a full staff compliment of forty-four members under the leadership of current principal Mr D. Friedrichs.

Morningside Primary as North Ridge Road Government School in 1928.

Over the ninety years, many additions have been made to the school premises. The school boasts the Rob Brandon Hall, an eight-lane swimming pool, two tennis courts, a well-stocked resource and media centre and a drive through area for parents to drop off or collect children. Every classroom is air conditioned and has a data projector and laptop at the educator’s disposal. A new staff room with a panoramic view of the school field was built in 2008 and currently three additional classrooms are being built to facilitate that every grade in the school has three classes.

Morningside Primary Present Day.

The vision and mission statements of the school reflect the desire to educate children in a happy environment. Giving every child an opportunity to excel and preparing each individual with the values to become independent and successful adults.

During its proud history the school has produced many leaders in their fields, from sportsmen and women, to leaders in the academic, engineering, corporate, medical and arts fields. Currently Morningside Primary can claim the “bragging right” to have played a significant role in the careers of teachers who have gone on to become successful principals. Mr Arde, Mrs Benschop, Mr Friedrichs, Mrs King, Mr Madgin, Mr Spiteri and Mrs Tunguy Desmarais are either still serving or have retired as principals. Somewhere, somehow, a little bit of Morningside exists where all these principals have had an influence.

Source: Mr D. Friedrichs, Principle of Morningside Primary School.

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